About Us

What’s in a name? All you need to know—the Steam TeamUtah is a local, family-owned business that has two passions: Cleanliness and a new way of cleaning using Steam. founded by an entrepreneur with 16 years of experience,he wanted too  bring something to the table then just cleaning but cleaning with Steam !

The Green Machine 

Steam allows for a completely safe cleaning and sanitizing approach when heated to 180 degrees. It kills bacteria and viruses better than even the harshest chemical solution. In fact, there’s nearly no end to what steam can do when applied expertly.  along with the eradication of harmful viruses, mold and bacteria in the places we frequent most.  It’s the perfect solution.

Mission Statement 

Steam Team Utah is dedicated to providing the absolute best sanitization and cleaning with Regular  application with adding Steam. Customers can enjoy the most comprehensive cleaning of their home, office or car. Steam heated to 350 degrees instantly kills bacteria and viruses, and does a more thorough job than any other product on the market of cleaning dirt, dust and grime. Take advantage of  deepest clean possible by adding steam.