Auto Detailing

Welcome too Steam Team Utah your unique Auto Detailing experience with Steam Here at Steam Team we traditionally detail your car but we ad steam too our service . with steam we can deep clean and sterilize as we clean! Second is that we love too Detail ! we have a great Team and have excellent customer service.

Steam cleaning isn’t just for homes and offices—it can also be a very effective way to sanitize and clean automobiles. Consider this: The longest average commute in the US is just over 39 minutes each way. However, the majority of people spend at least one hour in total every day just getting to work. Add in drives to meetings, lunches, grocery shopping and those weekend road trips. You spend more time in your vehicle than you think.

Why Steam 

By adding Steam to our service It lifts dirt and grime like nothing else can and can get into the smallest nooks and crevasses.  What sets us apart from anyone else is Steam! Here is what our Steam Procedure looks like as we Prep the Vehicle for our Detailing Service:  First we prep the vehicle blowing steam through the vents where pollen and dust have been hanging out for years. We then move to all those hard-to-reach places that are near impossible to reach by traditional detailing methods. Cupholders are next, and there is no amount of melted gum, or 30 day old dried Slurpie that our Steam cant evaporate!  Then, just to insure the vehicle is de-germed and sterilized, we hit every inch of the interior with 180 degrees of Steam to sanitize and kill all those germs that have been hanging around for years! All this Takes place before we begin the Full Detailing process of your vehicle by a fully experienced and professional staff.

We clean all of your favorite vehicles!
Cars • Trucks • RV’s • Boats • Motorcycles • Campers • Golf Carts Small Airplanes • Buses, etc.

For price estimates on vehicles other than cars and trucks please call 801-381 0985

We offer the following vehicle detailing packages.

Call Us For our Auto Detailing Or Restoration Pricing 801-381-0985

wash exterior
Shine tires
Wheels cleaned and protected
All exterior trim dressed
All interior surfaces vacuumed
All interior surfaces steam cleaned and sterilized with steam including vents.
Stain removal
Floor mats & carpets steam cleaned
Wheel wells washed & cleaned
Leather or cloth seats steam cleaned
Leather conditioner applied
All crevices and cracks blown out w/ steam
Dash & vinyl steam cleaned and treated
Premium wax applied
Fragrance applied
Clean and dress door Jams


We also Provide a full range of Auto Customizing

Window tinting

Vehicle blackouts ( blacking out means painting all of chrome on black vehicles like chrome bumpers ,emblems etc

Leather repair ,leather dying ,cloth seats repair,carpet dying,etc

Full body buffing

Door Ding repairs

Clear Bra ( Clear Paint Protection Film )

Headlight Restoration